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Having a regular grooming schedule is an important aspect of care for your pets, no matter how short or long your pup's or kitten's coat may be. We groom with perfection while cleaning and removing all dirt, twigs and debris out of their fur and are able to monitor your pet's skin condition. We provide a comfortable and safe environment at your convenience and at your home or location.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide safe, convenient, healthy and  beautifully groomed pets for your family. We love all animals and welcome all your furry friends to have a relaxing grooming experience. It is our pleasure to take care of you and your families pet's to make your life easier so you don't have to go anywhere. We come to you!

Our Story

We provide Clean, groomed happy healthy furry friends!

Story Part 1

  • With our love with all furry animals we have worked out a plan to finally take care of your furry family members! My background was in Cosmetology for 30 years and I have always wanted to turn my focus on our loving pets. We have 4 beautiful pups all who all have thier own story,  which we can share at a later date. This will take all day....I've grown up with cat's, dogs, bunnies, turtles, fish and birds! Can't get enough of all the love they give.  I promise to take care of your loved one as if they were my own, from the bottom of my heart I will make sure your babies are safe, protected, clean and happy.  I LOVE TO GROOM!! My dear sweet husband whom also loves furry babies as much as I will help as needed. I wish for all your families much love and happiness as was given to us by our beautiful pet's. Happy Grooming!! 

Our Luxury Mobile Spa

Mobile Spa Treatment Includes :

On Site Grooming

Nail Trim and / or Dremel

Bath and fully rinsed

Clean face with Blueberry facial

Teeth Brushing

Brush out Knots and Debris

Clean ears

Gland Expression on request

Blow dry

Clean eyes

Trim Paw Pads

Sanitary Trim

Fragrance with your approval

Treats with your approval

Shave Downs

Hair cuts

Pricing upon request and varies with size and breed of pet.

Dematting and Deshedding Treatment varies priced per hour and / or per coat.

Special patterns priced per breed

Story Part 3

We love keeping your furry babies clean and happy. Keeping a regular schedule to keep them clean and happy. A happy pet, is a healthy pet. Healthy and happy! = LOVE! 

Story Part 4

Our Spa offers from nail trim all the way to designer patterns.  We bring our advanced grooming to you so you can relax and your pet is also stress free.

Please call us to learn more